Chemicals in skincare.

“I don’t want chemicals in my skincare” This is something I hear often from my clients or people who want natural skincare, unfortunately its impossible, let me explain. The definition of a chemical is an element or any combination of elements, (remember the huge periodic table on the wall in chemistry class, those are the elements) so water, air, nutrients and plants are all by definition chemicals. Makes the word a lot less scary doesn’t it.

Another statement I hear a lot is that you don’t want ingredients you can’t pronounce or recognize easily. There are a lot of off looking ingredients in natural skincare that are actually just a specific form of something you already know. Tocopheryl Acetate is a good example, this is a specific form of Vitamin E, its just been made more stable for your skin.

Don’t let skincare intimidate or overwhelm you. Always feel free to reach out to your esthetician, that is what we are here for and what we love to do!

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